Entertainment Weekly, Karen Valby

Alexa-Alemanni-Stills-Mad-Men-3“In the end, lovely Allison, played with such tenderness and care by the unheralded Alexa Alemanni, stole the whole show… Allison’s face was so open and pure and lovely the next day… And then, gasp!, the way her face simultaneously fell and held still when he cruelly put her  back in her place…The camera held on her face as her still stunned eyes drifted from the page into the distance. It was one of the more forlorn gazes I can remember from the whole show. Brava Alexa Alemanni!”

Chicago Tribune
, Maureen Ryan

“Huge props to Alexa Alemanni for nailing every single one of Allison’s scenes…in Allison’s time on screen, the show has established that she’s a crisp, efficient, tactful secretary and certainly a lifesaver for Don. And at the end, Alemanni did a wonderful job of conveying Allison’s wounded reaction. Nicely played indeed.”

Wall Street Journal
, David L. Paletz

But it is the scene between Allison (Alexa Alemanni) and Don in his office that exemplifies the show’s compelling acting, direction, writing and editing… During this exchange, a series of close-ups of Allison, show her facial expressions (and eyes) as she looks at him, go from flirty, to affectionate, to loving, to uncertain, to downcast, to the realization that she has been discarded…”

Entertainment Weekly
, Ken Tucker

“Great acting all the way by Alexa Alemanni.”

Brightest Young Things
, Alan Zilberman

“I’d also like to add the actress playing Allison, Alexa Alemanni, did fantastic work. She’s Jon Hamm’s equal in understatement…”

Adam Reisenger

“It’s great writing by Matthew Weiner and phenomenal acting by Alexa Alemanni. Those types of subtle visual cues are what always make this show worth watching.”


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